Dining chair



Sustainably Sourced Grade A Teak:

We utilize only the finest Grade A teak, sourced from FSC-certified forests in Indonesia. Known for its durability, natural oils, and fine grain, our teak is responsibly harvested to ensure environmental sustainability while providing unparalleled aesthetic and structural qualities to our furniture.

Durable Furniture Caps:

Our transparent caps are meticulously designed to protect both furniture and flooring. Made from UV-resistant materials, these caps ensure long-lasting clarity and resistance to sun exposure. Suitable for a variety of floor types, from sleek ceramic to classic teak, they provide stability and prevent damage to both the furniture and the surface it rests on.


W. 61 cm. D. 56 cm. H. 73,5 cm.
W. 24,02 in. D. 22,05 in. H. 28,94 in.

Logistics Info


Stack Quantity:

Weight: 13kg.

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