Flawless Production

When it comes to our outdoor cushions we place maximum demands on a flawless production from start to finish. With highly qualified employees and the latest technology in the market, we ensure immaculate craftsmanship of our cushions. Take a look below how we stay on top of our game – always!

Our New Laser Cutter

Investing in the future.

We are always searching for ways that innovate and improve our production process. Even the smallest of changes can make a difference but sometimes a revolution is necessary! We are more than thrilled that this high tech laser cutter has found its way into our cushion production and thus not only revolutionizes our production process but most importantly assures perfect outcomes for our customers in all aspects.

Innovation For Your Benefit

Drawing our cushions on computer-aided drafting (CAD) program.

By using CAD drawing software we have become more efficient and productive as our laser cutter is able to technically draw cushions using a computer software and cut the specified fabric perfectly as needed for the sewing studio in no time.

Employees Excellently Educated

for handling our precious machine. Loving their work.

We make sure that our employees have the necessary education for handling the laser cutter but most importantly we make sure that they truly love what they are doing. With passionate employees as the driving force we assure thorough results by focusing on producing flawless cushions as our essential working tool is in good hands and taken care of with devotion.

No Matter The Fabric Or Mesh

Perfect cutting with minimum waste at all times

By combining the laser cutter with the drawing program and our highly skilled employees we are able to deliver perfect results. Only the specified objects are produced as the laser burns the cutting lines flawlessly, leaving no threads or other damages on any fabric. Best of all we can proudly guarantee little to no waste helping both you and the environment - Bet your scissors can’t do that!