Even outdoor cushions and pillows should be soft and cozy, so our materials provide both comfort and strength, durability and aesthetics.

Technical Info For Cushions

Made to measure, expertly crafted, for a perfect fit on the furniture.

Custom cut and sewn, to your specifications. Precise and clean cutting by our latest technology laser cutting machine.

Choice of fabric from a vast selection of both domestic and imported outdoor, IMO (International Maritime Organization) certified fabrics, constructed to withstand the elements, rain, wind, ocean water, etc.

Water repellent, UV protected, fade, mildew and stain resistant.

PVC coated mesh for the bottom part of the cushion, to facilitate drainage of water and shorten drying time of the cushion. 

The PVC coating means that no moisture can reach the polyester fiber, making it extremely durable and prevents wear from freezing and thawing in cold weather.

Advanced High Performance Quick Dry Foam, engineered specially for outdoor usage, with a porous open-cell structure, that drains water quickly and allows air to circulate through, keeping the cushions fresh.

Sewn by experienced hands, on electronic machines, with UV resistant thread of high quality.

Strong, rust free concealed zippers.

Attachments with Velcro (hook and loop), to secure cushions in place.

Affordable style. Easy to clean.