Even though our catalogue is extensive, most projects still require customization. Some 80% percent of our orders contain some custom design.

Our team of specialists provide guidance and support - we help bring your ideas and visions out of your imagination. You know what you want to see. We know how to make it real.

Our basic customization involves your own á la carte choices, including:
Finding a certain fabric with a specific pattern that meets all the necessary requirements and has a lead-time suited for the time frame of a project can be a challenge. Therefore, Shores has performance fabrics available suited for every situation in countless styles, patterns and colors for both in- and outdoor. Nevertheless, the world of fabrics is huge with endless possibilities which is why we offer custom solutions based on our customers’ needs and wishes with our own in house fabric specialist. Our fabrics meet all the necessary requirements for the cruise and hospitality industry with:
With all the variations for furniture available on the market and the particular requirements for projects we understand the need for customization. We take great pride in being able to offer customized solutions from idea over materials to design and beyond to create unique pieces perfectly suited for the setting they will be used in with:
Shores products hold a series of quality and safety certifications.