Cushions and pillows are extremely important for the comfort of guests of ships and hotels.

Through years of experience we have learned what it takes to make cushions for high-end hospitality. The result is cushions that dry quickly and by themselves, making them resistant to mildew and giving them longer life.

Quick Dry Foam is a unique outdoor foam, produced for special applications. Large pores permit maximum water drainage and air circulation, allowing cushions to quickly return to usable condition after getting wet or even saturated. The foam meets IMO certifications and features antimicrobial protection, prohibiting growth of common molds and fungi. Similarly our vinyls, mesh and fabrics are certified and tested to the highest durability and performance. These quality materials ensure long life to your furniture's soft parts.
Cushions are available for any type of furniture, from dining chairs to sun loungers, as well as for custom elements. If needed, special affixing methods and even storage can also be produced. The bottom line is that you can have resilient and durable cushions which look exactly like you want them - enabling you to give your guests what they desire: Beauty and comfort, anywhere, always.

Cushions / Pillows


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