Signature Features

IMO/Fire resistant

All our all materials are fire protected and carry the IMO certifications.

UV-protection - Sun rays

All surfaces are protected from the effect of exposure to the sun.


Our strong powder coating and marine grade materials protect our furniture from the effects of salt.

Color fading protection

The color of our materials are protected from fading in the sun and wear and tear.

Rust/corrosion protection

Our furniture is specialized towards marine and is corrosion-free.

Easy to clean easy maintenance

All materials have the “Teflon effect” for dirt and can be cleaned with water hose.

Inherent colored fibers

All fibers for wicker are the same color inside as outside. Not color on white fibers.

Anti-breakage thickness of fiber

Our fibers has the perfect thickness that is thin enough to bend and thick enough to not break.

Quick Dry

We only use quick dry foam with open pores so water can run through.

Scratch resistant

All surfaces are treated and protected from scratches.

Mildew, mold, bacteria protected

All materials are resistant to bacteria when treated properly.

No sagging of the mesh

Serge Ferrari Mesh is guaranteed prevent sagging of mesh even after many years.

Signature Materials

We have developed the strongest wicker possible for the hospitality market. The wickers are carefully hand-made and woven with fibers made from toxic free fully dyed recyclable polyethylene materials. and we have have found the exact thickness of the fiber that is strong enough to be unbreakable but thin enough to be bend around frames.
The Serge Ferrari range of meshes benefit from unique properties due to the exclusive Précontraint Serge Ferrari manufacturing process. The coating is up to 15 times thicker than achieved by meshes manufactured by a traditional method; unparalleled resistance to distortion in the diagonal direction; and an excellent consistency of the weave structure”.
Bella-Dura® surpasses any other performance fabrics in the marketplace today. Rather than relying on harmful coatings or finishes, Bella-Dura® performance is packed into the very fiber, resulting in remarkable textiles that are ideal for any design application –indoors or out. Bella-Dura® fabrics are 100% American made.
Poly Stone granules are a polyester compound, incorporating pure alumina tri-hydrate into the particle. Poly Stone™ is UV resistant, fire resistant, chemical and stain resistant.
Aluwood puts together wood and advantages of aluminium. Aluwood provides products for the Marine segment both as products based on single sheet aluminium as well as honeycomb. ALUWOOD® marine pro ducts are type approved according to European Union Marine Equipment Directive (MED) 96/98/EC.
Quick Dry Foam (QDF) is a unique performance outdoor foam able to withstand years of usage without losing form or comfort. Reticulated foam has large, open pores permitting the maximum water drainage and air circulation allowing for quick usage after getting wet or even saturated.
Shores products hold a series of quality and safety certifications